Cleveland Browns: Three Keys to Watch Against the Pittsburgh Steelers

The 2018 NFL Season is upon us. For the Cleveland Browns, it brings a sense of winning. They have a new QB, a new RB, and new wide receivers. The defense will have many familiar faces. However, it will also have some new ones. GM John Dorsey did all of this to bring winning back to Cleveland.

Here at IroniqMedia, we strive to bring you the best in NFL coverage. Each week we will give you three keys to watch for the Cleveland Browns. We begin with the week one matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tyrod Taylor

Taylor is a huge key for the Cleveland Browns. Thus the reason why they went out and acquired him. Taylor is a smart QB. The Browns, while their record does not indicate it, were competitive in 2017. Many of their games were lost by seven points or less. Having a competent QB may have made a difference in winning one or two of those ball games. Taylor is that difference.


The defense of the Cleveland Browns is going to need to play big against the high-powered Steelers. Even without Le’Veon Bell the Steelers still have many weapons at their disposal. Limiting this offense and putting pressure on Ben Roethlisberger will go along way for the Browns to see first place in the division. Even if it is only week one.

Hue Jackson

I make Jackson a key this week because this is a make or break season for the head coach. There are absolutely no excuses in 2018. He has a competent QB. That QB has plenty of weaponry. They have a competitive defense. It is also obvious that the Cleveland Browns have a GM that is not afraid to get players. All of this makes it a no excuse season for Hue Jackson.

The Cleveland Browns are flying under the radar. Many still expect them to be towards the bottom of the division. I expect them to be near the top. It all starts Sunday.

What do you feel is a key for the Cleveland Browns? Leave a comment below.

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