Politics: When Will It End With the Shootings

It seems that 2018 may become the year of the shootings. We would be witness to another one on Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville, Florida. At a Madden 19 Tournament, David Katz would end up shooting three people and himself after losing the popular video game. This was simply a case of someone who happened to be a sore loser and went overboard. However, this now leads to the same discussion that happens after every shooting. When will this shit end?

There is no answer to that. However, it should be sooner than later. Whenever a shooting occurs, we get the same bullshit from many people, including government officials. The line is something to the extent of sending Thoughts and Prayers out to the victims. While it is a thoughtful idea, it does nothing in realistic terms. In 2018, we have had 234 shootings. In all honesty, it is 234 more than there should be. Most of the time, the shooter has some sort of mental illness and has problems. I love how Congress keeps saying that they want to fix the problem.

Here is my message to the entire government, including President Donald Trump. You need to get your head out of the NRA’s asses and do what is right for the country. Has Congress not taken a stand because they haven’t been affected? Why should a family need to worry that they may be planning a funeral on an afternoon when they were having a great day? Innocent people are dying. No one is doing anything about it. The incident in Jacksonville shows that you can’t even go out and play a video game without getting killed.


I wrote a piece after the high school shooting in Florida. In that piece, I mention the line a close friend of mine said and it continues to hold true. If Congress didn’t stop the gun problem after 1st graders were killed, they won’t be changed. I remember watching all the town halls going after the high school. Ted Cruz was on the stage and said that he won’t take any donations from the NRA. Trump is worse in all of this. He is more concerned with what people say about him. He has had plenty of opportunities to get the ball rolling on something.

I am not saying that you need to remove the 2nd amendment. There are some people in this country who are responsible with a gun. Nonetheless, something needs to be done. Especially to make sure that people who have mental problems can not have access to guns. In fact, our president needs to get his priorities in order. However, until he does something, this problem will continue.

How do you feel about the number of shootings in the country at this time? Leave a comment below.

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    Bradley Walker 27 August, 2018 at 16:17

    I agree we need to stop these events from happening. The president does need to wake up and take a stand against this. I also think the media is to blame as well they show these events all over the news and the next mental case or sicko says I can do more damage or carnage the next time. Nice article bud!

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