Waldameer: A New Coaster Is Essential For Park Growth

Waldameer is due for another coaster. The last time this park received one was during the 2008 season with Ravine Flyer II. Waiting 11 years (and counting) for a new coaster is quite a long time. When will the park decide to bring in something different for its guests?

A brand spanking new coaster doesn’t have to be a massive addition. It’s not too hard to get a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter to the park. They aren’t as expensive as some of the other makes and models on the market. There are always companies like Zaire, who designed Impulse at Knoebels. The point is, Waldameer doesn’t have to break the bank for something massive.

Compared to most parks, Waldameer isn’t very big. They don’t have the money of a Cedar Point or a Kennywood. Still, Ravine Flyer II proved that spending money can have significant returns. The coaster is widely regarded as one of the best woodies in the world. Enthusiasts come from all over to get a ride on Ravine Flyer II.

Waldameer does a great business with the locals. The park doesn’t need to build a Steel Curtain to bring in the Erie guests. Although to get more than the local crowd they’ll need a new coaster to convince the out of towners to visit.


As it stands now, Waldameer has an awe-inspiring collection of coasters. Ravine Flyer II, Comet, Steel Dragon, and Ravine Flyer III (kids coaster) form an excellent lineup for a small park. There’s always room for improvement. Adding a new coaster could go a long way in making Waldammer more than just a local park.

Waldameer has numerous flats (X-Scream, Mega Vortex, Ali Baba, Sea Dragon) Water rides ( Thunder River) and dark rides (Whacky Shack, Pirates Cove).
Waldameer is adding to its flat ride collection in 2019 with Chaos, a Zamperla Discovery. It’s a step in the right direction. This just leaves the door open for a new coaster in 2020.

There isn’t a ton to do at Waldameer. You could quickly do the entire dry park in under 4 hours. The idea is to keep guests in the park as long as you can. The addition of a new coaster keeps the customers in your park longer. Perhaps after Chaos is built for the 2019 season, we’ll hear of a new coaster for 2020.

What is needed at Waldameer

Whether a new coaster is small or big, Waldameer can’t be afraid to spend money if needed. Bringing people into their park should be of top priority. Again, a new coaster doesn’t need to be an exuberant amount of money. There are options out there which will satisfy the Waldameer crowds at a lower cost. Anything new would be a welcome addition to a great regional amusement park.


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