WWE: Asuka has become irrelevant after losing at WrestleMania 34

For two years, Asuka was dominating NXT. She ended up defeating Bayley for the NXT Woman’s title at Takeover Dallas. She would end up going undefeated in NXT. Initially, the way she was booked, it seemed that once her time came to join either Raw or Smackdown, she would be shot right to the top and compete for either brand’s Woman title. She faced Emma at TLC 2017. This was Asuka’s first match in WWE.

From there, she would go on to face the likes of Nia Jax, Carmella, and others. She was booked strong during her early days on the main roster. This would lead to Asuka becoming the inaugural winner of the Woman’s Royal Rumble. She would end up eliminating Nikki Bella to achieve this. This would lead to her first shot at the Smackdown Woman’s title at WrestleMania 34. The only issue here, she needed to dethrone the Queen, Charlotte Flair. Asuka would end up losing. Now people were even more curious to see how they were going to book her since she was no longer undefeated.


When she finally lost a match, people speculated that the WWE would turn Asuka heel and make her a killing machine. Unfortunately, it seems like, after her loss, she didn’t give off a vibe that she was special anymore. The Empress of Tomorrow has now gone on a bit of a losing streak and ended up falling into irrelevance. As we are now a week away from Summerslam, she isn’t even on the card and there is feeling she probably won’t be on the card.


Asuka seems to have fallen in the same realm that Tyler Breeze, Bayley, and the Ascension have. They were all good at NXT. They haven’t been booked well once they came onto the main roster, however. I blame the WWE creative team who seems to be constantly screwing up some of the talents that come from NXT. Hopefully, the WWE will book Asuka better soon because they need new contenders within the title picture.


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