Philadelphia Eagles: Three Questions Heading into the 2018 Season

It is hard to believe that the defending Super Bowl Champions would have questions heading into a new season. However, that is not the case when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles. There are plenty of questions surrounding this team, as a new season gets underway. The main question is one that everyone wants to know; is Carson Wentz healthy? We will tackle three other questions regarding the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles.

  1. Can the Philadelphia Eagles defense be as good as 2017?

The Eagles defense was one of the surprises of the 2017 season. They finished fourth in the NFL. Their defense also finished fourth in points allowed. Only giving up 295 on the season. They are going to have to be this good again in 2018 if they expect to attempt to repeat as champions in the NFL.

  1. Will the fans have patience?

Most people know that the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are fickle. I mean for heaven’s sake, these are fans that booed Santa Claus. Now, will they have the patience for the return of their star QB? Especially, if he is not ready by week one. On the other hand, what if he is and does not play up to par for a couple of weeks and the season starts rough. Will this fan base want to see the Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles?

  1. Will there be a QB controversy?

Head Coach Doug Pederson has said that this is Carson Wentz’s team. When he is ready, he will be the starter. That should, in all likelihood, be week one. However, what if he is not and Foles plays well? Does Pederson stick to his guns and play Wentz? Does he stay with the hot hand in Foles? Will a QB controversy insue? I say no. This is Wentz’s team when he is ready no matter the record or level of play.

The 2018 Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles are looking to do what only a few teams before them have done, repeat. It is one of the toughest things to do in the NFL. While they may be the best from last season, we never know what a new one as in store.

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