Kansas City Chiefs: Three Questions Heading into 2018 Season

2018 will see some changed for the Kansas City Chiefs. Gone are their veteran QB Alex Smith and Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy. In steps the youngster Patrick Mahomes and Eric Bienemy. Will the offense be as good? Also, they are facing some changes on defense. Gone are Derrick Johnson and Marcus Peters. How will this affect the Chiefs? That is just one of the many questions facing this team as they look towards the 2018 season. Here we look at three others.

  1. Will Kareem Hunt have a sophomore slump?

Hunt was the best in the league on the ground in 2018. However, that was with Alex Smith under center. Now that Smith is with the Washington Redskins, the Chiefs will have Patrick Mahomes under center. Hunt is going to face some stiff running lanes with Mahomes under center. I can see teams stacking the box and making the Kansas City Chiefs try to win through the air. It could be some tough sledding for Hunt in 2018.

  1. How will the defense respond to the changes?

The Chiefs are going to be without two of their bigger names on defense. Marcus Peters and Derrick Johnson are gone. Kendall Fuller and Reggie Ragland will step in and try to fill the holes. If they are able to play at the levels of the two they are replacing, it should not be an issue. However, those are some big shoes to fill.

  1. Is Patrick Mahomes ready for the lights?

Mahomes looked good in 2017. He played in the season finale against the Denver Broncos and drew some rave reviews. However, that was against Broncos defense that was tired and finished for the season. Reports are that Mahomes is struggling in camp. Will he be able to produce in 2018? The Chiefs are banking that he can. We soon will see.

This could be a tough season ahead for the Kansas City Chiefs. The struggles of a new QB and a new OC along with new faces on defense make this season interesting. It could be tough for the Chiefs to be a three-time AFC West Champion in 2018.

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