Cedar Point: A New Flat Ride Needs To Replace Witches Wheel

With the removal of Witches Wheel, Cedar Point is looking ahead to the future. The classic enterprise attraction is giving its last rides this summer. We assume that a new 2019 attraction will go in its place. If this is the case, what can we look forward to?

A lot of enthusiasts are predicting a coaster for the spot. I’d highly doubt we actually get one. Instead, Cedar Point should give us another flat ride. The park needs to add to their collection of non-coasters. There are a few different flat rides the park could build in this space.

Seeing as Cedar Point is replacing an older version of an Enterprise, putting a next-generation enterprise in its place is ideal. This newly designed ride is similar to your classic enterprise. The only exception being you’re not seated inside of a cage. Instead, your In a car that’s very reminiscent of a Vekoma SLC.

Of course, a new enterprise is just one possible option. Cedar Point could look to take a page out of Canada’s Wonderland playbook and do something a bit more unique. The Toronto park has numerous, but different flat rides. They include a Mondial inferno which can best be described as a follows ( the following was taken from Canada’s Wonderland website):

“Canada’s Wonderland adds to its arsenal of world-class thrill rides with Soaring Timbers, introduced in 2017. This unique ride experience sends guests spiraling through the sky on two massive rotating gondolas that swing riders through sweeping arcs while rotating 360 degrees.”


Something such as Soaring Timbers would be a great addition to Cedar Point. The park doesn’t have any extreme flat rides aside from MaxAir and Skyhawk. If there’s one thing Cedar Point needs it’s a high-intensity flat. Although, we don’t know what kind we’d be getting.

With all the new flat rides being installed (Cyborg Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure, Soaring Timbers at Canada’s Wonderland) Cedar Point needs to offer up something big. They are the thrill ride capital of the United States. Another flat ride would be a great addition to a park that already boasts such a great lineup of attractions.

Coasters are the bread and butter of Cedar Point. It’d be nice for a new extreme flat ride to debut. There’s a big percentage of people (like myself) who enjoy flat rides more than coasters. And while a non-coaster might not spike attendance too greatly, CP needs to add to its extreme rides collection.

Witches Wheel wasn’t a very popular ride at the park. There is/was almost never a wait for that attraction. With all the guests Cedar Point has annually, something new and exciting needs to be built to eat up the crowds. With 2020 being the big year for Cedar Point, 2019 can’t be a total wash. Flat rides might not get the fanfare of a new coaster, but It’ll still get crowds through the gate next year.

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