Tiger Woods: Brandel Chamblee’s Comments Not Taken Lightly

Since the early 90’s, one man has been the center of attention in the golf world, Tiger Woods. He has dominated the PGA tour for a long time. The last few years it hasn’t been that way. Since the incident with his ex-wife, his world has been turned upside down. This season Tiger has shown signs of what he was in the past but he still hasn’t won. The question is, will he ever win again? We are on the eve of the final major of the PGA Tour in 2018. Once again, Tiger Woods name is brought up as he tries to overtake Jack Nicklaus for most career major wins.

One of the experts and former players had some choice words for Tiger Woods this week. Brandel Chamblee is a former tour player and Golf Channel analyst. He has long been a Tiger supporter. In some instances, Chamblee has called him the best golfer ever. The quote that has caused an uproar before the PGA Championship starts tomorrow is “I would argue he got the least out of his talent of any player, maybe in history”. What Chamblee is trying to say is that Tiger Woods is at 14 majors with his talent he should be well above that number. He says any player would have imagined him winning 25 to 30 majors in 100 plus events.


Brandel Chamblee also said once he got rolling he would be like a historical figure. While that could be true, but it is hard to say that Tiger Woods is already there. He has won 14 majors. Most PGA pros would love to have that many on their resume. Whether Tiger wins another regular tour stop or a major, he is a legend. His back issues have robbed him of years and the swing he wants to have. Fans still tune in when he is playing, whether he makes the cut or not.


Tiger Woods likes his chances this week at the PGA Championship. He made the cut at the British Open and played close with a player that would go on to win. He has a big match against his rival Phil Mickelson on Thanksgiving Day weekend. Also, Tiger Woods is eyeing a Ryder Cup spot this time as a player, not a coach. Chamblee says he is a golf analyst, not a cheerleader he can give his opinion no matter how crazy it might sound. I have a funny feeling that Tiger will not take what is said about him lightly and he will have a solid week at the PGA Championship.

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