PGA: A Preview for the 2018 PGA Championship

The first three major championships have been exciting. The PGA Championship begins this Thursday, and, in the past, it has been called glory’s last shot. This will mark the conclusion to the 2018 major schedule on the tour. Many PGA players strive to win at least one major in their career. It will be played at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, Missouri. This will be the first time it will host a major.


Bellerive Country Club is having the same issue as the US and British Open. At both Shinnecock Hills and Carnoustie the greens are dry. In fact, some greens are totally burnt around the edges. This is going to make it tough on the players. At both the previous majors, the fans, and players saw that. The problem is the lack of watering. The players have made their complaints in the previous two majors and it looks like this one is not going to be any better.

Now, this major takes place during the end of the summer and for most of the country, it is hot and steamy. For the state of Missouri in the months of June and July, they have had the five highest recorded temperatures ever for that state. The local courses have also battled the conditions and have done the best they can. Mother Nature’s record is undefeated. Some of the top caddies have said that with the heat it isn’t surprising, but this is the middle of the country it shouldn’t look like this. Indeed, it will make everyone’s job a little harder for the week.


Bellerive has some of the biggest greens in golf. There are over 10,000 square feet on the golf course. Most courses go through at least a year of closures and repairs to get ready for the major. With the hot conditions, they have been closed for a while. They have closed for most of this summer for what the course calls “good repair”. The green that has the most issues is the 9th. The course grounds crew says it is burnt. Holes 10 and 18 have patches on them it that are not looking good. Like every other major, the PGA Championship will have the best of best in the field. Even though the greens are in bad shape, look for the excitement to be there just like it was in the previous three.


Will the conditions play a factor in the result of the PGA Championship? Leave your comments below!

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