Apple vs Android why you should switch from Android

As I sit here writing this from my iPad I contemplated which of the operating systems are better. Now I will tell you that I have had both operating systems multiple times this is my second run in with iOS and coming off my second run in with Android. The first time with Android I was using Motorola phones the droid x to be exact. The problem I had been the phones kept deteriorating right after the manufactures warranty. I then switched over to iPhone when the iPhone 4s came out. The issue I had was the lack of features that Android had already released that Apple was withholding. So here I am on my second tour of apple with iPhone and Apple products and hoping for a better second go around.


 Why should you switch from Android to Apple

Here I will list the reasons why I wanted to switch from Android. The first reason I wanted to switch is Apple has been forced to release more of their features with Samsung’s increased volume of production. They have allowed more customization in the newest updates including keyboards and stickers. In my opinion system, wise apple was always leaps and bounds above Android. The phone quality was also always better on apple as far as reliability.

Choosing the right product for you

Sometimes easier said then done but first thing is first, are you looking for quality over flashiness. Are you looking for something that is ready to go out of the box or something that you can spend days customizing and tweaking? To me, at this stage in my life, I want a phone that is reliable and will do the functions I need it to perform. And it didn’t hurt that Sprint was offering a free iPad when switching from Android.

How do you feel about either of these operating systems? Leave a comment below.

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