Noemi Bosques: An Interview with a Champion Boxer

I recently had the pleasure to sit down and interview professional female boxer Noemi Bosques. Ms. Bosques is a local boxer from my neck of the woods in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her record is 11-12-3. Within those fights, she has won and lost twice via knockout. She promotes herself and has fought in three different weight classes. The classes Naomi has fought in are flyweight, super flyweight, and bantamweight. The cool part is she has held titles in all these classes. She keeps her weight at around 130 lbs. She stays in shape by teaching a kickboxing class at a local gym.


BRADLEY WALKER: What got you into boxing?

NOEMI BOSQUES: Growing up I was always a tomboy. Now I also wore dresses, but I never considered myself a girlie girl. I was mostly outside with boys playing sports. The one sport that caught my attention was boxing. It came naturally to me and I knew that’s is what I wanted to do.

BW: Do people give you grief about being a female boxer?

NB: Of course, they do they tell me that I don’t belong in the ring. My biggest critics are my family. They ask me all the time why would let yourself take a beating like that. My response is that I love it I don’t mind the beating. I love to fight, and the money isn’t bad either.

BW: Who do you idolize in boxing?

NB: My biggest idol is Ava Knight. She has been my inspiration since I started boxing at the age of 18. In fact, I had offers to fight her and are currently in talks with her. She is now being promoted by Mayweather boxing. I am working out to make sure that come out of the fight making the money that I deserve.

BW: Where do you see boxing going after the rise of MMA?

NB: How I see it is that boxing is starting to come back around. They are starting to put good fights on TV. The biggest problem is some of the fights have been with one good fight against one that wasn’t, and it turned fans away. What I like about the MMA is that they always put the best of the best and the fans love it. Boxing is starting to do the same and I feel moving forward it will be back to the luster it once had.


BW: What professional titles have you held?

NB: I have held 3 professional titles: The first on in 2015 the Women’s Boxing Association International Super Flyweight, In 2016 NABF Female Bantamweight, and the last came this year in 2018 World Boxing Council Latino Female Super Flyweight. I want to fight for more titles in the future.

BW: Will you pursue a fight career in MMA or stay in boxing?

NB: That all depends on the money. That’s right at my age the money is the deciding factor. Right now, I am making a comfortable living as a boxer. I do teach a kickboxing class and have worked on kicks and my ground game to become an MMA fighter. I like using my fist so right now I am perusing more boxing matches and to win more titles.

This was a great interview with Noemi Bosques. Even though her record doesn’t show it, from what I have seen in videos and what I heard from friends she is a hell of a fighter. Noemi Bosques also tells the truth. Most athletes do it for the money and she came out and told me that whatever future endeavors she goes after the deciding factor will be the money. Hopefully, her family will come around and see that she is doing what she loves. I will be attending her future fights after this interview.

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