Father of the Year: Netflix Swings And Misses

I wouldn’t recommend Father of the Year to anyone. Netflix has had a hit or miss relationship with Adam Sandler and Happy Madison. You can classify this film as a giant fail on their end. It’s a colossal flop.

I’ll start by saying that I’m not a huge fan of David Spade. This might have swayed my opinion a little. Still, this film is a train wreck. Whatever you think of Spade, there’s nothing that can change the awful acting from him.

You could have easily replaced Spade with Sandler in Father of the Year. In fact, Spade’s character in this sounded eerily similar to that of Sandler in That’s My Boy (Arguably one of Sandler’s worst performances.). The fake accent from Spade was just dreadful. It made the film that much more unbearable.


The plot of Father of the Year was just as bad as Spade’s acting. The film never really knew what kind of story it wanted to tell. On one hand, you’ve got the father/son coming together story. There’s the added bonus of two fathers fighting to settle a debate between their two sons. Not to mention, a boy trying to win over a girl.

There’s so much going on in Father of the Year. You’re never able to get invested into the story. With so much going on, everything just seemed rushed and thrown together. And you’re really given no backstory into the relationship between Spade’s character and his son. That would have been a nice touch to get a little more of a connection between the two.

To the credit of Father of the Year, the film does have its funny moments. The scenes with Spade and Nat Faxon(the other father) are pretty entertaining. Bridget Mendler, Joey Bragg, and Matt Shively are three up and coming actors. It’s not their fault the film gave them little to work with.

Netflix hasn’t had the best success with Happy Madison. Adam Sandler can either fall flat or soar high with his Happy Madison-produced films. Father of the Year should be classified as the former. There aren’t many things that go right in this movie. It’s for that reason I’d avoid at all costs. That is unless you like watching horrible pictures.

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