Teen Titans GO! to the Movies Review

I went into this movie thinking that it was going to be a disaster. But Teen Titans GO! to the Movies proved me wrong.

Based on the Cartoon Network show Teen Titans GO! (which is also a spin-off series of Teen Titans) the movie adaptation had given me serious doubts once I saw the first trailer.  Many fans of the original Teen Titans series trashed the spin-off series noting that the Titans were not the crime-fighting bunch that they once were with excellent storylines, that Teen Titans GO! had killed the once great Cartoon Network series.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when watching Teen Titans GO! to the Movies as I found myself laughing amongst the humor ensued throughout the film, especially the many butt jokes! Call me immature, but I am still a child at heart.

It’s hard to believe that a Teen Titans GO! to the Movies lives in the same DC universe as dark tones films like Batman vs. Superman and yet brighten up the DC world with its comedic tones like many Marvel films.

The plot consists of Titans leader Robin (Scott Menville) heading to Hollywood along with his members Starfire (Hynden Walch), Cyborg (Khary Payton), Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), and Raven (Tara Strong) to make it big in the superhero movie scene after being denied the chance due to constantly fighting crime.


The Titans hope to please filmmaker Jade Wilson (Kristen Bell) into getting them their movie, but Wilson passes them up for more known superheroes like Batman and Superman. This results in some of the funniest jokes about the other superheroes that comic, or non-comic reader will love.

Robin will do whatever it takes for the Titans to get their movie.

First, the Titans need to find a villain. Slade (Will Arnett), who has been the Titans number one villain throughout the series, is a perfect choice as his plan is world domination.

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies also features iconic DC superheroes such as Superman (Nicholas Cage), Batman (Jimmy Kimmel), Wonder Woman (Halsey), and Green Lantern (Lil Yachty).

What Did I think of Teen Titans GO! to the Movies?

All around, Teen Titans GO! to the Movie is an exciting movie that almost any person can enjoy. It consists of little jabs at other superheroes and their movies which comic book fans will surely enjoy. It may be aimed more for children, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t join in on the fun.

And to any fan of the original Teen Titans series, be sure to stick around for the post-credits for a little treat!

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