Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson: Made for TV

For many of the golf fans growing up in the 90’s, there were two stars that stood out. Those two were Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Both gentlemen have diverse ways of how they became stars. Tiger used his strength and intelligence to rise as a young phenom. Phil is known for his creativity and risk-taking. For many years they didn’t like each other though they never butted heads on the course.

One incident that many people saw, but never understood, was during the Ryder Cup. The Ryder Cup is a team golf tournament event held every other year. It pairs the USA and Europe. Each entity picks 12 players to represent their respective teams. For some reason this particular year, the US picked Hal Sutton to be the captain. Sutton is also a well-known golfer on the PGA tour. He decided to pair Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in a two-ball match. Sutton knew they didn’t get along with each other. However, Sutton didn’t want to not put his two best players together. The match went horribly as their two styles conflicted and the US would go on to lose the Ryder Cup that year.



Both gentlemen are now in their 40’s and don’t seem to have the same attitude towards each other. Both are now fathers and are wiser. There is a rumor that they have agreed to a $10 million dollar exhibition match. This will be a great match for TV. Most golf fans will tune in for this match, including myself. I have much respect for Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as players and what they have done for the game of golf.

Many golf fans are probably wondering why this match didn’t take place when both of these men were in their primes. The young tour players now look up to these two, but the play has changed. These two were one of the few that could hit further than anyone and now they are seeing the young players hit it further than they do. This is more for fun now than it is to be taken seriously. There has been no official date for when this match will occur Once it is announced, it should bring in high television ratings.

Who do you think of this potential made for TV match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson? Let us know in the comments!

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