Big Brother 20: Sam’s Nomination Reasoning Makes Little Sense

Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 20 was filled with some drama, fun, and tense moments. While a majority of the episode featured JC and Bailey working out issues and talking about larger topics related to derogatory terms, Sam’s made her two nominations at the end of the episode. Her reasoning for nominating Haleigh and Kaitlyn centered around their flirtiness with the guys and the way they talk to “the boys in the house”.

While both may be friendly with certain men in the Big Brother house, it’s part of the overall strategy must women have used during the 20 seasons of Big Brother. Even if it’s not to gain positioning in the house, history has shown how many couples and marriages have developed from the Big Brother house. For example, Cody and Jess from Season 19 are just one couple that used numbers to their advantage. It’s not surprising people grow close when they live together 24/7. There’s not much they can do in the Big Brother house and as the days move on you have to find someone to be close with or else you’ll be the social pariah.

In Season 20 Hailey and Kaitlyn aren’t the only girls flirting and having the guys be friendly by massaging them or playing with their hair. Sam’s reasoning falls short of the real reasons she put the two gals up. It leaves fans wondering why these gals were really put up. Likewise, Sam didn’t allow people to campaign to her and plead to not be put off. She’s a straight shooter and knows what she wants but her reasons give may put a target on her self.

During the power of veto ceremony, a backdoor ploy could be used. Likewise, Haleigh alluded during Sunday’s episode she isn’t close with Sam. This is a fair and simple reason she may have been put up.

However, Sam’s BB App Store power comes into play this week since she didn’t use it to save the previous three players evicted. As a result, Sam needs to be careful with her final nominations. The eliminated house guest’s time in the house won’t end as they’ll have a chance to come back into the competition. Few people know this and some think Sam used her power to flip last week’s vote.

The drama and angst should be present on Wednesday’s episode. Hopefully, Sam explains her motives a bit more and maybe she will share her strategy moving forward. Sam is a straight shooter, which isn’t a bad thing, but her lack of explanations and ability to play the game strategy wise may add a bigger target to her.

All in all, her reasoning given on Sunday’s episode was vague and lacking. Haleigh and Kaitlyn aren’t the only ladies to flirt with the guys. Sam and the other gals have done it themselves. Only time will tell why she picked who she picked for eviction. Unfortunately for Sam, her power adds another wrinkle to the eviction process that could come back to hurt her in the weeks to follow on Big Brother 20.


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