Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Titus Is On His Way To Stardom

Titus is well on his way to being a star after trying to gain fame for the entirety of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It appears that time will finally come. He’s set himself up for big things.

The Capist was created by Titus in order to impress Mikey. The idea took off thanks to help from Greg Kinnear, who spontaneously said he’d set up a meeting between network executives. Titus, who got nowhere in writing the script, used Kimmy’s short story as his pitch. Needless to say, that didn’t get him the results he wanted.

Still, despite all of that, the network executives saw something in Titus and he’s now on their radar as a possible candidate for work. For Titus, this is the biggest step forward his acting career has ever had. He’s got the shot to be a big-time star. It’s a definite step up from High School play director.

Titus wants to get Mikey back in his life. He thinks fame and fortune will do just that. A lot of his inspiration is due to this. He’ll stop at nothing to win back the man of his dreams. Of course, Titus isn’t just doing this for Mikey. There’s a part of him that just loves the spotlight and attention.

Ever since we’ve met Titus, the focus needs to be on him. He’s a drama queen and an attention whore. The opportunity to become famous is something he’s craved and wanted since he moved to New York. Titus, not one to be humble, has a very selfish attitude. He’s only in the business of helping himself. Again, Mikey has changed that outlook for him.

If Part 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4 finally gives Titus a role in a prominent show or acting job, then that would be perfect. After a while, you want to see him succeed, despite his constant attempts to get to the top of the mountain in his line of work.

The acting world is tough. Titus has been trying for years with no luck. Has he finally gotten his big break? It would appear he’s a lot closer than ever before. We’ve seen him at his worst, but have we ever seen him at his best? Obviously, Mikey back in his life would help. A career in acting would be the icing on the cake.

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