Rugby: A Different Type of Sport to Play and Watch

The world of Rugby is a different one. Rugby is a sport that isn’t seen very much or heard of unless you’re a fan or come from a country that it is played in. Rugby is where America football got its start. These players call football players whimps because they must wear so many pads. One of the big differences in rugby is that you can only tackle the player with the ball but there is still blocking. It is one of the most interesting sports that is played all around the world.

Now in the United States rugby like soccer is starting to gain popularity. Many of the ivy league schools and others are adopting the game of rugby. Now there are two types of rugby, rugby 7s and the standard play with 11 players per side. In fast 7 there is more room on the field and it moves at a faster pace. At this pace there is a ton more scoring, so most fans will see a high scoring game. In the standard rugby matches with 11 players per side, there’s more strategy involved and it feels like a chess match.

Since the sport is relatively young in the United States compared to other places, most countries around the world have the upper hand. The three powerhouse countries are New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. These countries have been dominating for a long time. They use their skill and history to draw their fellow countrymen and countrywomen to play. If you get a chance to watch these teams on TV, you will see why rugby is so popular in these countries. They use diverse types of play to win. Some of them use the power, the bigger and stronger the better, and other use speed to win.

The action will be on TV in the matter of a few months as the Rugby Men’s World Cup in happening in 2019. This will showcase all the other countries around the world. Maybe we will have a surprise and one of the other countries will win the World Cup. It should be fun to watch no matter who wins. I like rugby and hopefully, the US will be there when it comes down to the competition. I am a huge fan of South Africa, but New Zealand and Australia will be tough to beat in 2019.

Are you looking forward to the World Cup in 2019?

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