Power: Are Raina and Tariq The Kids Of Tasha And Kanan?

It’s something about the way that Kanan looks at Tasha and the way she despises him so much that has me wondering if something happened between them in the past? To be honest, I didn’t have my suspicions until the last episode of Power (Are We On The Same Team?). What took place was the way that she confronted Kanan outside of Tommy’s apartment. Tasha tore into him about the death of her daughter Raina and what her son Tariq is going through but there was something more there in those few moments.

While Tasha is understandably upset and has a reason to throw hate toward Kanan, she’s also doing it from a scored woman aspect. The way Kanan grabbed Tasha and told her she still looked good, set off an alarm for me. What if, when Ghost wasn’t around, something went down between Kanan and Tasha which resulted in her getting pregnant with Raina and Tariq?

It sounds far-fetched but the hate she has for Kanan goes way beyond what he put Tariq or Raina through. Now, it could be a mother’s grief and she could still be mad that he sorta kidnapped Tariq but the body language the two have, it has to be something there that we just don’t know about yet. Think about it. They were all once tight but what if Ghost went out-of-town on a deal and Tasha had a moment of weakness. It’s not too outside the box to think that as she has shown the inability to keep her legs closed for other men. And as for Kanan, well, he’s down for whatever with whomever.

Is There Truth That Kanan Could Be The Father To The Twins On Power?


This is one theory that has been discussed a few times. According to Sydney Scott of Essence, there is no way Kanan is Tariq and Raina’s father. At first, it would seem just a ploy by another writer to throw us off but then the cast and show creator Courtney Kemp went on record as saying the kids are not Kanan’s. Yeah, like they would really spill the beans on something this huge. We’ve all seen this done before. I remember when the big theories were coming out surrounding Pretty Little Liars and Marlene King had to deny everything down to the last rolling credits. When all along, the fans (myself included) had it figured out.

The issue here is what will happen if Tasha lets the truth slip? Does Kanan know? Some may think no because of how he treated Tariq but didn’t Kanan kill his own son?

It was also something Kanan said to Ghost this season when he spoke about how gangsta Tariq was more-so at that age than Ghost ever was. Was that a bit of foreshadowing? I believe that Kanan has no idea and I also find it a bit odd that Ghost is so quick to forgive Kanan but Tasha just can’t seem to go with the flow that Ghost and Tommy need him on this. Is she trying to push Ghost and Tommy to kill him before the truth comes out?

It’s a wild theory, I know, but anything is possible on Power.

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