Politics: President Trump made the biggest mistake that could hurt his time as president

Donald Trump has had a tumultuous time in office so far. While President Trump has done stupid things and said stupid things, he made a comment yesterday that could go down as the dumbest of all in his first reign in office. He had a joint press conference with Russian President, Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and was asked about the supposed Russian attacks on the 2016 election. President Trump would then turn around and say that he doesn’t see how it Russia would have been able to do that. In essence, he would end up throwing his own intelligence agency under the bus.


Like most people who screwed up, he would end up backtracking his comments. He would end up saying that he misspoke and never meant what he said. I am wondering if President Trump thinks that the American people are stupid. Most of us saw you on stage with Putin and heard you siding with him. He wouldn’t even condemn Putin for what he may or may not have done. I see people who are forgiving him and I think you are just buying into the bullshit.

Bill Prady, the executive director of Big Bang Theory sent out a tweet on this and makes a valid point towards the end. The point he comes up with is that Trump must have thought that he had a slip of the tongue yesterday. In some ways, I agree with him. President Trump acted like someone who says something wrong and claims they didn’t mean to say it. We see that every day with kids. Donald Trump continues to prove my point. He is nothing than a big baby from what he says to how he acts. His time so far in office has made American politics a joke.

I don’t see how anyone can take the US seriously anymore.

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