The Boy Summary: Is It A Good Horror Movie?

I recently saw this movie with a friend a couple of days ago on Netflix, and it was one of the things where you don’t have an exact opinion on it the first time around, you sit there and go “meh” because it’s the only thing that you can say. That’s how I felt when watching The Boy.

Released in 2016 by William Brent Bell, The Boy is a horror movie about a young woman who looks after an 8-year-old boy in England. It turns out that the boy is a life-size doll. If you’re a fan of horror movies, you know where the creepy doll storyline is going to end up.

Lauren Cohan plays Greta, who travels all the way from Montana to a small town in the UK by Heelshires. They’re an older couple looking for someone to look after their young boy Brahms who is a life-size doll.

Now any person would have just walked on out of there, but Greta stays to look after Brahms while Heelshires go away on vacation.

Greta has left a list of rules to follow for taking care of the “bundle of joy,” but she breaks them. She regularly calls her sister and learns that her ex-boyfriend is looking for her.

Greta is visited by Malcolm (Rupert Evans), a local grocery dealer, who tells the story of how Brahms was a real boy but was killed in a fire 20 years ago on his eighth birthday.


Soon mysterious events begin to happen. Greta’s belongings start to vanish, she can hear crying from within the house, phone lines are cut off, and Brahms seems to move on his own.

At this point, any other person would have gotten up and left, but Greta still stays.

Greta begins to believe that Brahms’s spirit is living within the doll. To which Malcolm tells another story of how Brahms was friends with a young girl who was found one day in the forest with her skull crushed. When the police try to question Brahms, his lovely and protective parents the Heelshires burn down the house with Brahms inside.

Lovely parenting.

Malcolm warns Greta not to stay. However, due to a previous miscarriage, Greta feels obligated to care for a child that she is considering as her own.

We then have Greta’s ex-boyfriend Cole (Ben Robson) enter the picture trying to get Greta to return home with him. He is annoyed with the fact that Greta is looking after a doll and believes that Malcolm is trying to put the moves on her.

Cole, in a fit of rage, destroys Brahms. After that, the sun began to shine, and everyone held hands and skipped away.

Just kidding, it gets worse for here!

The house starts to shake, and the actual Brahms breaks from the walls and kills Cole. It turns out Brahms was alive this whole time.

Greta and Malcolm escape through the walls to try to find an exit. They discover Brahms room where Greta finds her missing belongings and a note from the Heelshires to Brahms about how Greta is now the new mom. The Heelshires did not go on vacation but drowned themselves.

Lovely parenting.

Brahms eventually catch up to Greta and Malcolm and severely beats Malcolm. Greta finally escapes, but Brahms threatens to kill Malcolm if Greta does not return.

Greta eventually returns to fool Brahms into thinking that she is staying for good.

She tucks Brahms into to bed and stabs him with a screwdriver when giving a goodnight kiss.

Brahms begins to overpower Greta by choking her, but Greta eventually gets the screwdriver deep enough to kill him.


Greta finds a bloody Malcolm and escapes with him to freedom.

Brahms, as we learn, is still alive and repairs the broken doll.

Is The Boy a good movie? Meh.

Its story is okay, but the film relies too much on jump scares that it gets to the point where the audience pretty much knows what’s coming.

I can put up with the acting, especially Lauren Cohan’s as she put up with this not-so-horror movie.

And that’s the big thing here. The Boy isn’t the exact horror movie that true horror fans are looking for. They would see this as a comedy.

If I had to rate it, I would give The Boy two stars.

My opinion is different from others, so what do you think about The Boy? Is it a good horror movie? Or is it, meh?

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