The Ranch: How Will The Departure Of Rooster Impact The Show?

The writers of The Ranch wrote Rooster off the show perfectly. A lot of fans still don’t want his character to go away. Seeing as the allegations against Danny Masterson haven’t cleared up, they had to do something big. It was a sendoff that leaves the door open for his return. Is that going to be enough to please the Netflix faithful?

Rooster always got himself in trouble. His relationship with Mary was the final nail in the coffin. He pissed off the wrong person in her ex, Nick, who gave Rooster an ultimatum. Either he leaves Garrison and never returns or Nick would make him disappear. If he told anyone his family would be in jeopardy.

Not one to mess around, Rooster left. The final scene of Part 5 is him walking out the door. We probably won’t see Rooster back for quite some time (or ever again). Until the case with Masterson is cleared up, the storyline may never fully get resolved. The writers made a great decision in how they got rid of the character.


It would have been really easy for Rooster to accept a job elsewhere or by killing him off. Getting this storyline gives you a real emotional connection to Rooster. We know he didn’t want to leave. That made it really tough on him. Letting us see that vulnerable side to Rooster really helped close the character’s story. He’d do anything for his family.

Who knows how anyone will deal with Rooster’s departure. They might think he’s just abandoning them, especially if he didn’t give a reason. Colt was sort of lead on to the issues of Rooster and Nick as were Mary and Heather. It’s possible they put the pieces together and figure out why he left. All of that is highly doubtful to lead to his return, as he won’t be coming back to the small city anytime soon.

It’s going to be a real disappointment to see The Ranch without Danny Masterson. He was one of the highlights of the Netflix original show. Ashton Kutcher is more than capable of handling the duties, along with Sam Elliot and newcomer, Dax Sheppard. But, for most fans, Rooster was their favorite character.

Personally, the end of Rooster is going to be a tough pill to swallow. He’s an established character on The Ranch. Shepard is going to have a tough time filling his shoes. While the show will go on, it’s not going to be the same. True fans of The Ranch will understand the decision. If the new cast is good, they’ll get the views on Netflix.

How do you feel about the way they wrote Rooster off? Leave a comment below.

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