NXT: Where do you go now with the NXT Tag titles?

On the latest episode of NXT, the Undisputed Era (Rodrick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly) ended up becoming two-time NXT Tag champions. After losing the belts to Mustache Mountain a few weeks back, they were able to win them back after issuing their rematch. Now that Rodrick Strong and Kyle O Reilly hold the belts, where do they go from here heading into Takeover Brooklyn?


Being that Brooklyn is considered the NXT’s version of SummerSlam, you want a bang here. You do have two options. You can have Undisputed Era enter some sort of program with War Raiders or The Mighty. Entering one with the Mighty will be tough in a one on one basis will be tough. Both Undisputed Era and the Mighty are heels. It is very tough to get a program over when both sides are “bad guys”. If NXT wanted to do that, they would have to turn Undisputed Era to be good guys. You do have another option that would make it for an interesting build towards Brooklyn.

In the upcoming weeks, I would have the Mighty take on War Raiders in a #1 Contenders match. About midway through the match, I would have Undisputed Era come in and cause a DQ. This would leave the crowd thinking about what is happening. As Undisputed Era is celebrating because they think they won’t be defending the NXT Tag titles in Brooklyn, outcome William Regal. He announces that due to the interference of Undisputed Era, we will be getting a triple threat match at Brooklyn for the NXT Tag titles between War Raiders, The Mighty, and Undisputed Era.

I know this was lead into Takeover New Orleans, but I feel it works perfectly. You can have The Mighty take the pinfall from War Raiders and it would not hurt Undisputed Era at all. It may hurt the Mighty a bit. However, they can use it to make a rebound at the Takeover before Survivor Series.

How do you feel about a triple threat match at Takeover Brooklyn? Leave a comment below.

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