Miami Dolphins Training Camp Preview: Evaluating The Quarterbacks

With training camp on the horizon, everyone is looking at the quarterback to save the Miami Dolphins. While Ryan Tannehill reclaims his vacant starting role, the battle for his back up could be just as important.

It seems like every season Dolphins fans have to sit back and worry about what’s going on at quarterback. While Ryan Tannehill returning is a breath of fresh air after a mediocre season by Jay Cutler, there’s a lot of red flags going into this year’s training camp. Will his surgically repaired knee hold up in a 16 game season? Cold weather usually is hell on old injuries. Luckily for the Dolphins, late in the season they only need to worry about two cold-weather games late in the season as the rest of their November/December games are indoors. Looking forward to camp, who has the best shot at suiting up for the Miami Dolphins this season?


Ryan Tannehill – 100% chance and starter

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind Tannehill is the starter this season. He gives the Dolphins the best chance at winning. If he can return to pre-injury form the offense, then they will enjoy a nice boost as the season progresses. The biggest concern, of course, is not just his knee, but can he win football games that matter?

Tannehill’s six-season win/loss record stands at 37-40 so the Dolphins would have to go 10-6 this season just to get him back over .500. Of course, none of that matters as fans would rather see a deep playoff run first. Tannehill will have a lot of attention on him at camp, can he finally overcome the pressure?

Brock Osweiler – 50% chance as a backup

One of the most criticized quarterbacks over the past couple seasons has been Osweiler. He’s been paid starter money to look like a backup. With just one season with a positive TD/INT ratio, he’s never shown he’s been worth the money in his bloated contracts. Which works out for the Miami Dolphins who got him cheap at $880k this offseason.

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While he might be a gamble as a backup, in football terms it would cost the Dolphins pennies. His one saving grace is cutting either David Fales or Bryce Petty costs much less, its free. With pressure an all-time low for Osweiler, hopefully returning to an Adam Gase lead offense can turn his career around.

David Fales – 75% chance as second string.

It seems like a bit of a stretch to think David Fales will leapfrog Brock Osweiler at camp. However, with a bit of chemistry with Miami’s receivers already, Gase liked enough of what he saw out of Fales to bring him back this offseason. In limited action last season, threw for 265 yards, one TD and one INT with an 82% passer rating. In the two games, he did play he was not the starter and no one expects him to start this season. However, a strong showing at camp could cement him into the backup role behind Tannehill.

Bryce Petty – 25% chance and first cut.

Out of all the quarterbacks, the Miami Dolphins are testing out this offseason, Bryce Petty has the least likely shot of making the team. True, the New York Jets have struggled as of late, but Petty never hit his stride there either. In seven starts he’s won just a single game, threw four touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Petty would have to look like the second coming of Dan Marino in camp in order to sniff a roster spot, but the Dolphins risk nothing to bring him on.

The Miami Dolphins begin training camp on Thursday, July 26th and there are plenty of questions that need answers. Will the quarterbacks be ready to go? Did they bring in strong enough backups to push competition? Is lucky number seven the season Ryan Tannehill proves his worth? Find out two weeks from today, 8:30 am down in Davie, Florida.

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