Big Brother 20: Who Won Head of Household in Third Contest?

After the second eviction ceremony of Big Brother 20 took place, the contestants said their goodbyes to the outgoing houseguest and then prepared for third the Head of Household competition. With Kaitlyn winning last week’s contest, she was not allowed to compete during this Thursday’s Big Brother 20 head of household contest. The remaining 13 contestants answered true and false questions related to videos they watched.

In the product launch contest those competing watch a product launch video. After watching the cry phone product launch video, there was a series of questions asked. The first question only eliminated on contestant but the contestants still competing quickly whittled down during the next two questions.

After three true or false questions were asked, there were a “fear buds” and “lie pads” product launch videos introduced to the remaining competitors still in the game. It quickly got down to three people left to win the Head of Household competition.

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The last question was between Scottie and Rachel after Faysal answered the second to last question incorrectly. Scottie and Rachel answered the last true and false question correctly so it went to a tiebreaker. Each grabbed their chalkboard and had to answer the final question. The one closest to the correct answer would win. In the end, Scottie and Rachel both went over but Scottie won with his closer guess of 1199.

Scottie winning the HoH power is going to be interesting. His good friend Steve went home the first week and he was put up as a pawn himself during the second nomination ceremony. Tyler took him off the block with the power of veto. Scottie’s spot was replaced by the person who ended up being the second person evicted this season.

With Scottie in control, those who were safe may no longer feel that way. On the other hand, those who feared for their safety may now find solace with Scottie in charge. On Sunday Big Brother fans will find out who is nominated by Scottie and the BB App Store opens one final time.

While many probably still think Scottie was on Swaggy C’s side during the eviction ceremony, it will be interesting if these perceptions change at all before the next nomination ceremony. All in all, the next round of events should provide lots of drama and craziness just like this past round provided.

Kaitlyn is no longer save as her head of household reign comes to an end. Now Scottie takes over the coveted spot and holds most of the power. It will be worth watching who he picks for the next vote, which airs on Sunday night.

What are your thoughts? Who do you think will be the next put on the block? Who is safe this week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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