Tampa Bay Rays: A Nice Upgrade from Tropicana Field

The Tampa Bay Rays set into motion the idea a new stadium in Tampa. This will be a huge upgrade from their current stadium Tropicana Field. The Trop is very outdated and once also housed the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Lightning where there until they moved to their current venue which is also in Tampa. For the longest time, the fans have been complaining that it was time for a new stadium. The current fans say that the stadium is outdated and in an area that is hard to get too in St. Petersburg.

The new stadium will only be similar in one way it will be a dome. The problems in Florida is the heat and the chance of rain plays a major part during the baseball season. One of the best parts is that the roof will be see-thru, unlike the Trop. There will also be windows in the outfield where fans will be able to see downtown Tampa. The fans were wondering why the stadium couldn’t face the west so that they could see the sunset. Well the MLB will not have allowed that. There is a rule in place that no stadium can face the west in any way because it affects the batters.


The stadium will cost $895 million dollars. The big question is where is the money going to come from? Most likely it will come from the taxpayers in Hillsborough County where the City of Tampa is located. Now, some fans believe that it should come from the 1.8 billion-dollar tv deal that the Tampa Bay Rays just signed with Fox Sports. Maybe the Rays and the City of Tampa can split the cost of the stadium. Of course, there are some fans that are for the new stadium and others that are against it.

Most of the fans want a new stadium to make sure the team stays here instead of being moved out of the town. Tampa is not that far from St. Pete. It is, at the most, a 30-minute drive depending on traffic. The other complaint is parking. However, at the new location, there are 23,000 parking spots within 2 miles. The way that the city is set up there are trollies in place to help people that must park that far from the stadium. The Tampa Bay Rays have done their homework and now have everything in place for the new stadium. The current location of the stadium in St. Petersburg will probably become housing or entertainment for the locals. This is a huge upgrade and the turn in the right direction for the Tampa Bay Rays.

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