Tampa Bay Lightning: A Staple, Nikita Kucherov Gets a New Deal

The Tampa Bay Lightning made a huge splash today moving forward into the future. They signed forward Nikita Kucherov to the new contract. He signed an 8-year 76-million-dollar deal. The deal will now keep him a Tampa Bay Lightning member until 2027. Kucherov was one of the top players in the NHL in 2018. He had 39 goals and 100 points a year ago.

Kucherov also had a plus 15 rating he all but deserve thus new deal. His agent has said time and time again that Kucherov never wanted to leave Tampa. Now as a fellow Lightning fan he was one of the players that we thought might be traded in the Erik Karlsson deal. Now we know that will not happen. General Manager Steve Yzerman did the right thing today in signing him and count on this somehow someway he will somehow get Karlsson. The Tampa Bay Lightning are a blooming franchise and have been for the last few years.


The current owner Jeff Vinik has done really nothing wrong as an owner. He brought in Steve Yzerman to clean up the mess of the past ownership and he has done just that. This is a step in the right direction to build this team and establish some core players. Kucherov is a fan favorite and even though he struggled in 2018 postseason he will now get another chance. He gels well with captain Steven Stamkos and other players that will make the Lightning top line unstoppable. He also makes the Lightning a Stanley Cup contender for years to come.

This is one of the biggest contracts in Lightning history. Hopefully, this will not end up being something that turns out bad. The way that things are going for the Lightning it will not. I believe as a fan they are strong. I also believe that we will see Erik Karlsson in a Lightning uniform. They will get the deal done. Kucherov and the rest of the players have a very bright future ahead of them.

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