Lifestyle: Ten things customers have said to me at a supermarket

A supermarket. There’s a few in every town across America. In some areas, you have Wegman’s, Traders Joe’s, Shop Rite, Publix, and others. I work at Stop and Shop. For the last two years, I have been a cashier and have seen a fair number of things that have made me scratch my head. I will now present my top ten things customers have said to me at a register or at self-scan that makes me wonder where they lose brain cells.

1. “Does this take cash?”- I hear this a lot at self-scan. If there is no sign up saying that cash isn’t accepted then it takes cash. There is no reason to ask me.

2. “Where does the cash go into?”- Again, this is done mostly at self-scan. You can’t put cash into the coupon tray or the pin pad. There’s a specific area that lights up with a green light where the cash goes into.

3. “I thought this item was X price”- At Stop and Shop, if an item is on sale then you need to put a card in. Also, you need to wait until you get to the last screen. Nine times out of ten, if it’s on sale it will appear on the last page.

4. “The water is 1.99” Yes the water is 1.99, but you get charged for bottle deposit. It’s almost like a down payment that if you return the bottles, you end up getting in return. In addition, we can’t take off the bottle deposit.

5. “Are you open?”- I’ve been asked this often when I am on a register. If I am on a register and my light is on, then I am open.

6. “Are you 12 items or less?” This gets asked when I’m on the register from time to time. If it says 12 items or less than I am. If it’s not up, then it’s a regular register.

7. “How do I put my phone number in?” Especially on self-scan customers ask this a lot. There’s a button that says on the screen “Enter phone number/forgot card.” If you hit that and then hit enter phone number then you can put your number in.

8. When you pay for a 2.00 item with a 100.00 bill- This is a problem more for if you work in the morning. The tills are not fully loaded and if you pay something very cheap with a large bill, it will wipe me out of most of my money.

9. “Is there a register open?” At a certain point of the night, supermarkets will only have self-scan. They will open for large orders. If you have one item, that isn’t a large order. The person at self-scan can help you.

10. “Can you ring up my order at self-scan”- I get this a lot and my comment is no. I don’t try to come off as a bad person, but if you have a few items and none of them are produce, then you can scan it. I will help you if you need help, but I won’t ring up your entire order. It defeats the purpose of coming to SELF SCAN.

These are just ten things that have happened to me more often than you think. This is more of a generalization if anything.

Do you say or have you heard any customers say these things at a supermarket? Leave a comment below.

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