Love: Why Didn’t Mickey Tell Gus About Dustin?

Why didn’t Mickey ever tell Gus about Dustin? Love ended its three-year run on Netflix, but that one nagging issue still looms large. Why didn’t this get addressed at all during the final season? This does make for some interesting speculation.

At the conclusion of season 2 of Love, Mickey lets down her ex-boyfriend, Dustin, rather hard. He was devastated to learn of her loyalty to Gus. We don’t see Dustin in Season 3. There are a few references to the hook-up but nothing was ever said to Gus.

This whole story arc was rather confusing. Why keep bringing it up if nothing was to come of it. The majority of Season 3 was about Mickey and Gus testing their relationship to see if they were strong enough to last. Both admitted to having no more secrets, but Mickey still kept her biggest one.

It’s puzzling as to why this wasn’t ever brought up with Gus. You’d think if they weren’t sharing secrets she’d tell him the truth about the affair. At the conclusion of the show, we see the two elope. Gus has no indication of Mickey’s cheating. It’s a shame the writers didn’t add that detail to the final episodes.


With this secret looming over her head, its’ safe to assume Mickey would be a nervous wreck until she got it out. This wasn’t the case. In fact, she continued to ignore the problem. It’s not fair to Gus that she has this secret he knows nothing about. And he’s done everything to remain faithful. Mickey didn’t do that, so she at least owes him some kind of explanation as to why she did what she did.

There were plenty of moments In which Mickey could have told him. Instead, the two get hitched and she’s living with that guilt. Gus deserved a lot better. Mickey does love him. However, to not tell the truth and hide this secret isn’t the way to go about things.

While we won’t get another season of Love, the show will go on as one of the better love stories of this decade. Mickey’s secret does seem to hinder my view of her. The decision to not address this makes the ending to Love feel incomplete. There needed to be closure on this affair. Mickey might have made peace, but not telling Gus will come back to haunt her.

How do you feel about Mickey not telling Gus about Dustin on Love? Leave a comment below.

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