WWE: Brock Lesnar will not be working SummerSlam

It seems now that the WWE Universal Title picture has become more complex. As of this writing, it has been known that the #1 contenders match at Extreme Rules has changed. The winner of that match would have gone on to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal title at SummerSlam. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Brock Lesnar may not be working SummerSlam. He is now speculating that we won’t see Brock Lesnar back on TV until sometime later in the year.


The last time we saw Brock Lesnar was at the Greatest Royal Rumble when he defeated Roman Reigns for the Universal Title. He recently broke Punk’s record of 434 days as champion. My guess is now we probably won’t see Brock Lesnar until Survivor Series in November. The only other possible date when we could see him is at the Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia in October. The biggest thing that is mind-blowing is that he is still the champion. In his 14 months as Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar has destroyed any credibility for the title. I get the fact that the WWE has been booking him as a special attraction. However, you need to have him appear more than once every 6 months.

Since the WWE introduced the Universal Title at SummerSlam in 2016, they have been treating it like a fucking joke. When you think about it, it seemed that Kevin Owens was the only one who had any sort of success with the belt. I know Finn Balor only held it for a day, but he isn’t included in the mix. The belt lost a chunk when Goldberg won the belt. When Lesnar won the belt, it lost more credibility. However, now that he barely defends the title and is barely on TV, it has killed all the credibility.

My message to Vince McMahon and the WWE Creative team, take the belt off of Lesnar and put it on someone like Strowman or Reigns. The benefit is that they are on TV every week. You guys have treated that belt like a joke from the beginning. If you want it to be taken seriously, then have Lesnar drop the belt already.

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