Cincinnati Bengals: Should they make a pick in the NFL Supplemental Draft?

The annual NFL Supplemental Draft will take place in just over three weeks on July 11th. As of this writing, only four players are eligible. Cornerbacks Adonis Alexander of Virginia Tech and Sam Beal of Western Michigan are the two likely to be the highest selections. Safety Brandon Bryant of Mississippi State could see a late round pick used on him. Oregon State LB Bright Ugwoegbu and Grand Valley State RB Martayveus Carter are both unlikely to be selected. Any team that selects a player in the Supplemental Draft will forfeit a pick in the 2019 NFL Draft that corresponds to the round selection used in the Supplemental Draft.


My quick answer is probably not. It would go against years of history for the Bengals to give up a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. They would have to use one that high in order to select Beal or Alexander. Sam Beal had a nice pro day in which he ran in the 4.4’s and measure at 6’1” with 32-inch arms. It is likely that he is the highest drafted player in the Supplemental Draft since Josh Gordon. He went in the second-round in 2012.  Adonis Alexander didn’t have a great Pro Day but his size and length will make him a third or fourth selection. Another factor working against the Bengals drafting one of the corners is that they just selected two (Davontae Harris and Darius Phillips) in the fifth-round of the 2018 NFL Draft. The cornerback room is full at Paul Brown Stadium.


Safety could be a spot they could look at. Brandon Bryant reportedly had 4.3 speed while at Mississippi State. He didn’t show that at his pro day, however. Bryant could be a tremendous asset on special teams. You just have to weigh whether it would be worth forfeiting, let’s say a 6th-round pick in 2019. Especially for a player that likely won’t beat out Brandon Wilson or rookie free agent Trayvon Henderson. If Bryant were to go undrafted, maybe Cincinnati makes a play.

With saying all of that, I find it unlikely the Bengals make a play for one of the eligible players in this year’s Supplemental Draft.

Do you think the Cincinnati Bengals will or should make a selection in the 2018 Supplemental Draft? Let us know in the comments!

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