Golden State Warriors: Could Jamal Crawford Replace Shaun Livingston?

The Golden State Warriors could be in the hunt for another scorer if Draymond Green and Stephen Curry have anything to say about it. According to rumors, both players are lobbying for the team to get in contact with Jamal Crawford this summer. However, where would Crawford fit in the rotation? The backup PG spot is already manned by Shaun Livingston.

What this could mean is that the Warriors will have to trade Livingston and let Crawford take over backup duties for both Curry and Klay Thompson. To be honest, that’s not a bad deal here.

While with the Warriors, Livingston has averaged 5.7 points and 2.6 assists while shooting 52 percent from the floor in just 18 minutes per game. But this is where the Warriors must think “what if”. Like what happens if Curry goes down for an extended period of time again next season? While Quinn Cook and Livingston held it down while Kevin Durant, Thompson, and Green carried the scoring load, imagine how deadly they would’ve been had Crawford been the one leading the charge.

Last season, while with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Crawford averaged 10.3 points and 2.3 assists while shooting 41 percent from the floor. Not great numbers but take into account, this was his worst year as a pro. It’s not that age has caught up with him, his opportunities in Minnesota just weren’t like those he had in Chicago or Los Angeles. For his career, Jamal Crawford has averaged 15 points per game. He’s instant offense.

Golden State Warriors

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The reason this makes sense for the Golden State Warriors is that Livingston is set to take home $8.3 million in 2018 while Jamal Crawford could be had for the league minimum. There will be suitors for Livingston who just happens to be a three-time NBA Champion and one who has guarded and backed-up Curry in practice and game days. He has the winning resume and the Warriors could easily get a high second-round pick for him.

Livingston can control an offense with the best of them as he’s known to take the smart shots. Crawford fits right into the makeup of the team as he’s known to let it fly from wherever he is on the court. But one of the unspoken aspects of his game is his ability to create his own shot. While accolades go to Kyrie Irving as the best ball-handler in the league, Crawford has to be a close second.

If Curry were to stay healthy, the Warriors could go small ball with Curry, Crawford, Thomson, Durant, and Green. What team in the NBA could stop that lineup?


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