Extreme Rules: The WWE should book the Raw tag team belt match correctly

We are a couple of weeks away from WWE Extreme Rules. One of the matches slated for the card will see the RAW tag titles being on the line as the Deleter of Worlds (Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt) take on the B-Team in Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. This match came to the forefront after Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel won a Tag team Battle Royal to become #1 contenders.


The way WWE was presenting it, this match was going to be part of Money in the Bank. Then it ended up not being on that pay-per-view. This was a positive for the company as it allowed more time to build this match. I see a scenario playing out where the B-Team actually captures the Raw Tag team belts. Matt and Bray Wyatt won the belts at the Greatest Royal Rumble back in April. It seems that they haven’t done much with them since they ended up winning the belts.

On the other hand, the WWE seems to be giving a push to the B-team. After the Miz was drafted back to Smackdown for the Superstar Shake-up, no one knew what would happen to Axel and Dallas who were working well together. They ended up tagging together and started to get some wins under their belts. However, if the B-Team is able to win the belts, then there are two teams waiting in the wind. You have the Authors of Pain and the Revival. I could see it that AOP gets their title opportunities at a later time which would lead to the Revival being next in line.

As far as the match at Extreme Rules, I expect it to be ok with a lot of comedy thrown in. Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy have a tendency to stay more to hitting. It will be interesting to see what the x-factor will be for this match.

How do you feel Hardy/Wyatt should defend the Raw Tag Titles? Leave a comment below.

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