WWE: Team Hell No reunites and gets a shot at Smackdown tag titles at Extreme Rules

On WWE Smackdown Live, we would see the reunion of Team Hell No between Daniel Bryan and Kane. The main event of Smackdown saw Daniel Bryan take on Harper in singles action. After the match, the Bludgeon Brothers were beating Bryan down and then we would see Kane be the one to make the save. Then Smackdown General Manager Paige came out to announce that the Smackdown Tag belts will be on the line at Extreme Rules between the Bludgeon Brothers and Team Hell No.


My guess is due to the WWE releasing Big Cass as quickly as they did, they needed something for Daniel Bryan to do. I also guess that since Sanity and Usos are in a program, they are holding off a title opportunity for them until late 2018 or early 2019. In addition, New Day isn’t a tag team for right now. Apparently, they want to push all the members of New Day as singles stars for right now. In regards to this feud, it is interesting. However, I think the WWE missed a major opportunity to plant the seeds for a feud between Daniel Bryan and the Miz.

It was becoming the feeling that Daniel Bryan was going to be looking for some help. Some of the names being mentioned were Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, or the Miz. No one thought that it would be Kane. Personally, I thought the Miz would have made for a more intriguing partner. You could have had something played out where the Miz and Bryan win the belts at Extreme Rules. Then you could see seeds planted where it seems that the Miz is going to turn on Bryan. Fast forward to a Smackdown episode at the end of July.

The Miz and Daniel Bryan drop the belts back to the Bludgeon Brothers. After that, the Miz attacks Bryan and proclaims that he was never truly his partner. Then the two could have clashed at either SummerSlam or Hell in the Cell. It’s worth mentioning that a feud between these two has been teased for the last two years or since the brand split 2.0 first occurred.

Here is the clip to show of Kane’s return and Paige’s announcement for Extreme Rules

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