WWE Rumors: Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens to have a steel cage match at Extreme Rules

We are a few weeks away from WWE Extreme Rules. It seems that we will be getting more matches added in the coming weeks. According to some rumors, we will be seeing a steel cage match between Kevin Owens and Mr. Monster in the Bank, Braun Strowman. After Braun Strowman captured the briefcase at Money in the Bank, we saw Kevin Owens be the first one to congratulate him on Raw the next night. He was trying to friend him to help him cash in on the Universal title. Owens hoped that once Strowman cashed in, then he would be the first in line for a title shot.


For starters, Kevin Owens never got a rematch when he lost the Universal title to Goldberg at Fastlane last year. I don’t see this being a long-term feud and it may not go past Extreme Rules. If it goes past Extreme Rules, then it won’t go past SummerSlam. Since the WWE has put the briefcase on Strowman, I suspect that they have major plans for him in the fall. However, I don’t see it being with Kevin Owens. As far as the match between Owens and Strowman, I don’t see it being a bad match. However, due to them being in a steel cage it may cause for some interesting moves happening. You have two large guys who are stuck in a cage, it will limit what they can do in the ring.

I also suspect that the WWE went with this feud to give Strowman something to do until Lesnar comes back. While Strowman may be giving the major push this fall, I don’t know what WWE has planned for Kevin Owens. While he was teaming with Sami Zayn there was a feeling maybe they would go for the tag belts. Now that Zayn is on the shelf for a while, the WWE needs to figure out what they need to do with Owens.

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