Forget Coco and Toy Story, Incredibles 2 Is The Best Pixar Movie Of All-Time

Is Incredibles 2 really the best Pixar movie ever made? I’ve said before that Coco holds this title. After seeing the Parr family back in action, I might need to change my mind. This is indeed Pixar’s best work to date.

What made Incredibles 2 such a massive success? Waiting nearly 15 years for a sequel is one reason. That’s not the whole story, though. The film is really that good. You’ll be engaged in the story from opening to end credits. Those childhood feels you got from the original Incredibles come back to you.

Pixar knew they’d be selling Incredibles 2 to not only kids but adults as well. The first Incredibles was loved by many. Those who remember being in the theater for 1, recall every detail of the film. It’s not just about the kids. This movie is a walk down memory lane for the adults.

This isn’t just a children’s animated movie. Pixar made this film for everyone. I went to my local theater and saw kids. I also noticed some adult couples and groups. There are jokes in this film for the adults. All age groups will enjoy Incredibles 2. That’s a big factor in why it’s now my favorite Pixar film.


Pixar must have felt a lot of pressure to get this film right. They succeed in making it a classic animated film. Coco, Up, Inside Out, Toy Story, e.t.c. are all great. They aren’t up to par with Incredibles 2. Maybe it’s because we had to wait so long for the sequel, which caused film buffs like me to proclaim it the best Pixar film ever made.

To wait nearly 15 years is a long time. I didn’t feel the film lost a beat. You have the same actors playing the main characters. Brad Bird returns to the director’s chair. Last but not least, Incredibles 2 carries a strong message. There’s also more Jack Jack,

While Jack Jack should have had a bigger role in Incredibles 1, he was a scene stealer in the sequel. In my opinion the star of the show, Jack Jack might be my favorite Pixar character of all time. It’s impossible to leave the theater and not love him.

The only thing I’ll gripe about with Incredibles 2 is the villain. Screenslaver starts off as a really badass bad guy. As the film goes on, there’s less and less you like about the character. Certainly not one of Pixar’s better baddies. This shouldn’t take away from the amazing character development of Incredibles 2.

Overall, Incredibles 2 is a massive success. It’s got my vote for the best movie that Pixar ever made. That’s saying a lot because I do have a soft spot in my heart for Wall•E, Up and Coco. I’d recommend seeing Incredibles 2 as soon as possible. If you’ve already seen it, see it again. To bring together both adult and children is a rare task for a film. Pixar managed to do that. It’s for this reason, and many others, this is the best Pixar film of all-time.

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