Dallas Cowboys: Three Bold Predictions for the 2018 Season

The 2017 Dallas Cowboys were supposed to be a team of destiny. Many believed they would be the crown jewel of the NFC East and a team that could contend for a Super Bowl Championship. They were far from it. They finished the season at 9-7. In addition, they went through a six-game stretch without their star running back. Going 3-3 in that stretch. What does 2018 hold? So far, they have lost suspended pass rushers, released Dez Bryant, retire Jason Witten, and signed Zach Martin to a huge deal. In saying all that, there cannot possibly more. However, we like to be bold. Therefore, here are three bold predictions for the 2018 Dallas Cowboys.

  1. Finish below .500

The Dallas Cowboys will not be the team that everyone thinks they will be. They have one problem that will hinder them big time. That problem is Dak Prescott. He has not developed the way that Jason Garret and Jerry Jones believed he would. In fact, the six games without Zeke in 2017 could have been better had Prescott been better. The third season is where a QB usually gets stronger. If that happens, then this prediction becomes null. I just do not see it happening.

  1. Dez Bryant will be missed

While Bryant has seen his production go down over the past couple of seasons, it is not all his fault. As stated in prediction 3, the development of the QB has hindered the offense. Teams are going to make the Cowboys beat them through the air. This is when the Cowboys may regret releasing Dez. Their number one receiver now becomes Terrance Williams – not sure how much of a number one he is. The team did sign Allen Hurns from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Again, not sure about being a number one. These players along with Tavon Austin, rookie Micheal Gallup, and Cole Beasley will all attempt to fill that hole that Jerry Jones created.

  1. Jason Garrett sees the light.

While Jerry Jones love to have a puppet coach, this could be the last season of the Garrett show. If the Cowboys underperform and miss the playoffs Jerry could finally pull the plug on his famed OC turned head coach. I honestly believe that if there is a rough patch in the season of the 2018 Dallas Cowboys, that this move could happen in the season as well.

So, there you have three bold predictions. I do not see the Dallas Cowboys being a better than .500 ball club that will miss their star receiver and be looking for a new head coach. Possibly a new QB at year’s end too.

How do you feel about the 2018 Dallas Cowboys? Leave a comment below.

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