WWE: The Intercontinental Title has become the main title on RAW

When you look at the landscape of the WWE, you have two brands with eight belts. In hindsight, the Universal Title and the WWE Championship are looked at as the two highest ranked belts in the company. While the WWE Championship has gone up and down in value as it was down with Jinder Mahal held the belt. We cannot say the same about the Universal Title. Since it’s debut at the 2016 SummerSlam between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, it seems that the company hasn’t really pushed the Universal title as a major belt.


Finn Balor would end up winning the title and then relinquishing it a day later. After winning a fatal-four way, Kevin Owens would end up getting the title next. Out of the four superstars who have held the belt, Kevin Owens had the best run by far. For reasons that still don’t make sense to me, the WWE had Kevin Owens drop the belt to Goldberg in a squash match. Once Goldberg won the belt, I felt that it started to lose credibility. It almost seemed like it was being looked at as a joke.

Fast forward to WrestleMania 33 and that is where the belt would end up losing all its credibility. They decided to have Goldberg drop the belt to Brock Lesnar. After he won it, we wouldn’t see him for a couple of months. It actually wasn’t until Great Balls of Fire in July of 2017 that he would show up again.

During Brock Lesnar’s Universal run, it seems that the WWE has made the IC title the biggest belt on RAW and that is due to the Miz and Seth Rollins. While both of them were champions, they would appear on RAW weekly and defend the title and made it relevant. The only shot the WWE has to make the Universal Title mean anything is to have someone dethrone Lesnar and actually appear weekly.

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