Will The New York Jets Be The Next 0-16 Team?

The New York Jets finished the 2017 season 5-11 but a large part of that can be blamed on injuries. But then again, this is where many picked the Jets. So, were their five wins lucky or what? Think back, no one picked the Browns to go 0-16 last year, nor did anyone pick the Detroit Lions to go 0-16 in 2008. And yet, both teams did. What’s stopping the Jets from doing the same?

Many will look at the changes the Jets made on the defensive side of the ball with Morris Claiborne and Trumaine Johnson, but will that be enough? On the offensive side of the ball is where the Jets may have made their biggest improvements. They drafted Sam Darnold, signed, Spencer Long, Isaiah Crowell, and Terrelle Pryor to improve on their 28th ranked offense.

A word to the wise–don’t get too happy with these signings.

If the Jets decide to go with Darnold what should they expect? He’s still a rookie and most rookies will struggle in their first season. Yes, he will be surrounded by veteran skilled-players but not one of them screams All-Pro. While Kearse provided steady production last year, it will be interesting to see if he can duplicate that same success. The same goes for Pryor. Is he a one-year wonder? Last season in Washington, he totally stunk up the field. While Robbie Anderson is still there to clean up the mess, the Jets are banking on shadow players to become big-time players.

Now, what will trouble the Jets are not just the players they need to step up, but what the NFL did to them schedule-wise. In 2017, the Jets played seven playoff teams. Their record for those games– 3-7. If you think that was something, take a look at what they have coming up.

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The New York Jets will open the season with three of their first four games on the road (Detroit, Jacksonville, and Cleveland). Their next four games will be against Denver, Indianapolis, Minnesota, and Chicago. Before their Bye Week, they will face the Dolphins and Bills. So, before their break, they will face teams with a combined record of 61-72 (16 of those losses are from the Browns). In those eight games, the Jets will have a legit chance against possibly two teams.

After the bye is when things get worse for the Jets. Their next three are against the Patriots, Titans, and Bills. Following those, the Jets will finish the season against the Texans, Packers, and Patriots. In their second-half schedule, the Jets will go against teams with a combined 42-38. Not mind-blowing records but some of these come with an asterisk.

The Packers will have Aaron Rodgers who misses time last season. The Texans will have JJ Watt and Deshaun Watson who missed time last season. The Bears will be much improved and so will the Browns. The Broncos upgraded their roster, right along with the Colts (Andrew Luck) and Ryan Tannehill will return for the Dolphins.

The New York Jets will need one of those seasons where everything bounces their way if they wish to avoid becoming the next Cleveland Browns. Is it possible for them to avoid a 0-16 record? Sure it is. Will it happen? Seems unlikely at this point.

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