Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Is Jameis Winston Running Out of Time?

Is Jameis Winston running out of time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? The quarterback right now is awaiting a possible suspension from the NFL. The reason for the suspension is that he supposedly groped a female Uber driver. The driver said it happened and reported immediately to Uber. On the other hand, she waited until a year and a half after it happened to report it to the authorities. With a contract negation coming are the Bucs willing to give it to him? Here is why they should and shouldn’t renew his contract.

Jameis was drafted by the Bucs with hopes of becoming their first franchise quarterback. He has had his issues on and off the field. These are not all why he was a pro. This also goes back to when he was in college at Florida State. While at Florida State he had multiple occasions. He supposed raped a female student that came out after he was drafted. The university settled with her before it went to court. He also was caught stealing crab legs from a local Publix Supermarket. An allegation which he denied. Despite all of that, the Bucs took a chance.


As a player on the field other than one problem, he has been a model player. During, a game last year against the New Orleans Saints he pushed a Saints defensive back. The defensive back pushed him back in which teammate Mike Evans retaliated. Evans received a one-game suspension. Winston received no punishment. He has to lead the Bucs to multiple wins and in his first season, he doubled their win total from a year before. There have been worse acts that other players have committed and got second chances. So why not give Jameis Winston another chance?

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bring him back after his suspension, if he receives one, it would not be good for their franchise. The Bucs have been the laughing-stock of the NFL for a long time. It took them nearly 40 games to get their first win in franchise history. Like most teams, they figured it was time for a change so they got new owners and change logo and colors. They brought in coaches and players and it finally happened. They won a Super Bowl in 2002. If they are looking for a franchise quarterback Winston with all his off the field issues may not be the one. It may finally be time to cut him loose.

We must wait and see what happens if the league suspends him. Ben Roethlisberger allegedly raped a woman and was suspended for it. The Steelers gave him another chance. Ray Rice knocked out his wife in an elevator he has not currently in the league. Greg Hardy physically assaulted his girlfriend and is also no longer in the league. In the past, there is a lot worse than what Jameis Winston has done. I am not condoning any kind of abuse on anyone. I don’t understand why someone has done those types of things. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have a tough season no matter if the league suspends Winston or not. However, it will be tougher without him for the first three games.

How do you feel about Winston’s actions? Should the NFL suspend him?

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