Halloween Horror Nights: Universal Studios Should Include Treehouse of Horror On the Simpsons Ride

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights is one of the top scare attractions in the world. It doesn’t have to be all frightening, though. Wouldn’t it make sense for Orlando and Hollywood to give Simpsons a Treehouse of Horror overlay?

The Simpsons ride is one of the most popular attractions at both Orlando and Hollywood. Taking place of the former Back to the Future ride, this might not have the same nostalgia factor as BTTF, but guests of the park do love the ride. Simpsons fans truly feel like they are in Springfield. And the immersive setting is the perfect spot for some Halloween attention.

It shouldn’t prove the be too difficult for Universal to get a Treehouse of Horror overlay at the attraction. All that needs to be done is change the video on the ride. This would give, not only Simpsons fans, casual guests something completely different from the normal.

The first Treehouse of Horror aired in 1990. This has been a long-standing tradition with the Simpsons. Every Halloween one of these specials is made. There have been some classic episodes, some of which have spoofed classic movies and tv shows. In addition, Kang and Kodos (who are the centerpieces of their own ride in Orlando) also make an appearance in every episode.


Why stop at just the Treehouse of Horror? Sideshow Bob is one of the more intense characters of the show. He’s always trying to kill Bart. It makes sense for him to be walking around Springfield as well. Also, throw in the chainsaw clowns that have been around the area at recent HHN events. Don’t forget Kang and Kodos who can make a special appearance for the nights of HHN.

Back to the overlay on the ride, this is the chance for Universal to do something different with a signature ride. Similar to Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout at Disney’s California Adventure, which has a separate overlay for the night during the Halloween season.

While most guests go for the houses, a Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror attraction could bring even more into the park. It’s not a house, or scare zone (unless you insert chainsaw clowns), but it would be unique to Halloween Horror Nights. That’s enough to get the crowds to the attraction, who are looking for these special event type of scares and thrills.

Springfield would really be a different area during Halloween Horror Nights if this came to fruition. Treehouse of Horror is the perfect choice for a new experience at the parks. And with that, the old themed land of the Simpsons becomes much more lively. I’d doubt that Universal does this, but it can be fun to imagine what it’d be like.


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