Cleveland Browns: 3 Bold Predictions For 2018-19 Season

The Cleveland Browns may have made the best moves this offseason of any team in the NFL. But this needed to happen if the Browns are to remove the sink of winning just one game in their last two seasons. The rookie additions are expected to make a huge impact, but it’s the veterans they added that will bring excitement back to Cleveland.

Here are 3 Bold Ass Predictions for the Cleveland Browns 2018-19 season.

Tyrod Taylor Will Make The Pro Bowl

How far-fetched is this? Not that far if you have followed Taylor’s career. Despite the showing that rookie Baker Mayfield has displayed in workouts, this job still belongs to Tyrod Taylor. Hue Jackson named Taylor the starter from the beginning which was a smart move. By doing so, it let the young Browns know that they had a leader and there will be no QB carousel going on. What makes this season so special for Taylor is that he’s finally surrounded by real weapons. In Buffalo, he may have had LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins, but in Cleveland, he will have a full arsenal of skilled players at his disposal. Being paired with the likes of Jarvis Landry, Josh Gordon, Duke Johnson, and Carlos Hyde will work wonder for is confidence. With his receivers, it’s safe to say that Taylor will surpass his Pro Bowl (2015) season of 3035 yards, 20 TDs, and six interceptions.

Myles Garrett Will Register 16 sacks

If the Browns are to make any noise this season, it will have to start with the defense. Last season, Myles Garrett was drafted to spearhead a new look regime. While the Browns went 0-16, the defense also took their fair share of lumps along the way. But with some new additions, much is to be expected and it begins with Garrett. In 2017, Garrett registered seven sacks but done so in 11 games. If the Browns can keep him on the field for a full 16, why couldn’t he, with his talent reach 16? The secondary is improved after the draft which should allow more time for Garrett to get around the ends and to the QB.

The Browns Will Win The AFC North

Nevermind their one win in the last two seasons, the Browns are heading in the right direction. With the rest of the AFC North sort of stuck in cement, this is a great chance or the team to make up some ground. But winning the division is too much, right? No. The Steelers are the only team that will challenge them. Their offense is great but we’ve seen how fragile their skilled- players are. One injury and the Steelers are toast. The Bengals are in a downward spiral and seem to trip over their own feet later in the season. The Ravens just don’t have the players to make any serious noise in 2018. The Browns have added too many veterans and young hungry talent to continue to sit at the bottom of the pile. This is their year.

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