Canada’s Wonderland: Wouldn’t The New Dive Coaster Be Even Better At 300 feet?

We know Canada’s Wonderland is getting a dive coaster for 2019. What isn’t clear is the exact scope of this project. Are they going to try to break the records of Valravn? Speculation has reached an all-time high. Could this be the ultimate dive machine?

Valravn at Cedar Point stands an impressive 223 feet. It’s the tallest dive coaster in the world, not to mention the fastest and longest. Cedar Fair has been known to push the envelope when it comes to coasters. While Cedar Point is the crown jewel of their chain, it’s possible Canada’s Wonderland gets something even bigger than Valravn with the 2019 project.

One feature the new dive coaster at Canada’s Wonderland will have over Cedar Point is a tunnel/trench at the end of the first drop. That’s the only detail we are aware of thus far. We won’t know how tall or fast the dive machine will be until National Roller Coaster Day in August. Will it be taller than 223 feet?

If you ask coaster enthusiasts what they want out of CW’s 2019 project they’ll jokingly hint at a giga dive coaster. That’s a dive coaster which would drop you 300 ft. Is this even possible? Obviously, B&M (the coaster manufacturer) have the ability to make this vision a reality. Cedar Point is attempting to build a 500 ft. coaster (It’s pretty obvious), so a dive coaster of this size isn’t impossible.

A 300 ft. dive coaster would be one of the world’s most polarizing attractions. You would be able to see this coaster from the top of the CN Tower in downtown Toronto. Imagine looking straight down into a pitch black tunnel from 300 ft. It would be enough to intimidate most of the general public. Still, this concept would bring in a great number of brave enthusiasts.

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Canada’s Wonderland would become a destination for the world’s coaster community. Seeing as CW already features two top-tier rides in Behemoth and Leviathan, this might give the park the best 1-2-3 coaster punch anywhere in the world outside of Cedar Point. A 300 ft. dive coaster would also make Canada’s Wonderland the first park to feature two giga-coasters.

This is obviously just wishful thinking. There’s a very slim chance Canada’s Wonderland gets a 300 ft. dive coaster.
It’s not out of the realm of possibility. B&M is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the world. Cedar Fair is always looking for that next big attraction that’ll set the world on fire. Anything is possible.

Regardless of the magnitude of the new dive coaster, 2019 will be a banner year for Canada’s Wonderland. They’ve been on the receiving end of some great flat rides over the last few years, but nothing can compare to a new top of the line coaster. Expect CW and Cedar Fair to go all out for this project. Even if it’s not a giga, this will still be a massive success for everyone involved.

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