NXT: Who should be Adam Cole’s first feud be with regarding the North American title

At Takeover New Orleans, Adam Cole captured the North American Title. However, he has yet to be put into any sort of angle or program regarding the title. On the other side, EC3 has yet to be put into any angle or program as well since he debuted for NXT at Takeover New Orleans. I wouldn’t mind seeing some program between EC3 and Adam Cole over the North American title heading into NXT Takeover Brooklyn.


For starters, the promos will write themselves. When EC3 and Adam Cole were on the indies, they were always looked at being great talkers. As much as people crap on Impact Wrestling/TNA, the run that EC3 had there was great because he was a great talker. On the flip side, while Adam Cole was in ROH, he was a great mic worker. One thing to make a feud be memorable is the mic work. In addition, the in-ring work of both guys would make for decent matches. If the WWE were to pull this off, there would be one issue that they would end up facing. Who gets put into what role.

As we have seen throughout most of both EC3’s and Adam Cole’s indie runs, they were great in both roles. Due to how much Adam Cole is over, I could see him getting the face treatment. While he will still have some heel tendencies, the WWE may have no option. On the other hand, EC3 as a heel isn’t a terrible thing. When he was in TNA and had a heel run, it was decent TV. He came off as a bit cocky and arrogant.

This is the feud I am hoping for because since Black is going to have something with the NXT title, it makes sense to have Cole do something. In addition, NXT needs to build that belt as the IC/US belt of NXT.

What are your suggestions for Adam Cole on his title feud? Leave a comment below.

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