NBA Rumors: Should The Golden State Warriors Sign Kyle O’Quinn?

The Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions gain for the third time in four seasons. And what’s scary, is that they still have room to get better. Think about the Warriors lineup and what sticks out the most? You gave the shooting of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant. Then you add in the defense of Draymond Green, but where’s the toughness in the middle. This is why Kyle O’Quinn turning down the Knicks offer was so important Wednesday night.

For years, I’ve wondered what’s been stopping the Warriors for adding some muscle in the pain and while they’ve won, it could cost them sooner than later.

The mentioning of Kyle O’Quinn won’t bring fear into the hearts of many, but that’s because most don’t understand what he brings to the table. In New York, O’Quinn is buried behind Kristaps Porzingis, Joakim Noah, and Enes Kanter. But if moved to a team like the Warriors, then all his tough play and intangibles will come to the forefront.

 Jose Sanchez / AP Images
The Warriors were forced to play small ball most of this past season and the playoffs and it almost cost them against the Houston Rockets.
The reason this deal has to be done is that Pachulia and McGee are both free agents. And while there will not be teams lining up to offer them huge contracts, someone other than the Warriors may be willing to pony up just a bit more cash thanks to their NBA Finals experience.

Think of how dangerous their defense will be with O’Quinn. The Warriors are ranked 18th in points allowed, eight in rebounds, and first in blocks. Now, add O’Quinn and that changes things. It allows Curry and Klay to gamble more on the perimeter and Green to extend his presence more on the wings. It looks like a subtle upgrade, but there is a difference when throwing Pachulia out to defend Clint Capela then placing the husky O’Quinn to front him.

If there was one move for the Warriors to make, adding O’Quinn is it.

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