Indianapolis Colts: Three Bold Predictions for 2018

For the Indianapolis Colts, getting Andrew Luck back in 2018 is going to be, well, a blessing. The question of the year will be whether or not he can play the entire year. The Colts are also under a new regime with Frank Reich taking over. The Super Bowl Champion coach will bring a new sense of urgency to the team. They should be better with the return of Luck. How much better, we will see. Nonetheless, there are some things that could also derail this squad. Here are three bold predictions that may help or hinder the 2018 Indianapolis Colts.

  1. Andrew Luck WILL NOT play the entire year

It is hard to say when Andrew Luck will be back in the Blue and White of the Indianapolis Colts. One thing though, is that he will miss time in 2018. This could be at the beginning of the season or sometime during. I just get a gut feeling that Mr. Luck will not play a full 16 game schedule for the Colts. Thus, bringing the question to the table; Is it time to move on from Andrew Luck?

  1. Marlon Mack will be team MVP

We saw shades of brilliance towards the end of 2017. Now we will get to see what the young back out of South Florida can do in a full-time role. Mack is a versatile 3-down back. His running style reminds me a lot of LeSean McCoy. Put that alongside his receiving skills and the Colts have a running back that they have not seen since Edgerrin James.

  1. The Indianapolis Colts will have a top 15 defense

Now, this is bold. This would be a huge jump for a team that had a defense finish number 30 in the NFL. However, new DC, Matt Eberflus should bring a new-found love for the game to this defense. They also spent their entire second round, 3 picks, improving this side of the ball. If there is not marked improvement, then the Indianapolis Colts may just be cursed on defense.

While the Colts definitely got better, I feel they are still a few pieces away from regaining what they had before the Andrew Luck injury. Also, I do not see him being able to carry the team as he did then. They are going to need to be stronger around him.

How do you feel about the 2018 Indianapolis Colts? Leave a comment below.

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