Arizona Cardinals: Three Bold Predictions for 2018

When the Arizona Cardinals started their 2017 campaign, they did so with a lot of promise. They had one of the best running backs in football, David Johnson. The team had a strong veteran presence with Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer. Their defense, even though they lost some pieces, was still one of the best on paper. However, that is why they play the game. David Johnson goes down in week one, Palmer never has a good year, and the defense plays tired.

Now we jump to 2018. David Johnson is healthy, Palmer is retired, and the defense – well we will see.  They had a strong 2018 NFL Draft. Nonetheless, let’s be bold with the 2018 Arizona Cardinals.

  1. Christian Kirk becomes number one receiver

Yes, I know that the Cardinals have Larry Fitzgerald. He is the best active WR to not have a title. In fact, he can be argued as the best to never win a title. Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals drafted Kirk. While he may not have been drafted to be the number one, by season’s end Kirk will be the number receiver for the Arizona Cardinals.

  1. Josh Rosen starts week one

The Cardinals selected Rosen with the 10th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. While having signed Sam Bradford in free agency, that still was not enough for the team not to move up for a QB. After all, Bradford has only played 16 games twice in nine years. Also, many teams do not move up into the top 10 and not start the player.

  1. The Cardinals will trade Larry Fitzgerald.

While he should finish his career as a Cardinals player, it would be nice of the organization to trade him. Especially on the final leg of his career. Trade him to a contender who might need a little extra help on offense. This may not sit well with the fans of the Arizona Cardinals; however, it would be the best thing to do. It helps the franchise and gives the best active receiver a chance to complete his career with a ring.

The Arizona Cardinals have some pieces. However, they will need some help this season in a tough NFC West. Even though this may not be their year, the pieces are in place for a promising future.

How do you feel about the 2018 Arizona Cardinals? Leave a comment below.

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