Cedar Point: Blue Streak Has Stood The Test Of Time

Cedar Point is home to many record-breaking coasters. The most significant coaster of their collection isn’t Steel Vengeance or Top Thrill Dragster. There’s one coaster that stands out above them all. It’s not what you’d expect it to be.

Blue Streak is an iconic ride at Cedar Point. When it opened in May of 1964, this was the only coaster at the park. Many fail to realize the historical significance of Blue Streak. It might not be the first coaster you think about when visiting CP. Although, as far as coasters go, this is the one that started it all.

There were coasters at Cedar Point before Blue Streak. Of course, none have had the staying power. Blue Streak is over 50 years old. It has been a part of Cedar Point for a good portion of their history. Riding this coaster is all about the experience.

You don’t really need to be expecting big thrills on Blue Streak. This coaster is all about nostalgia. There’s something special about this ride. There’s such an old-school charm to this ride. Blue Streak is an ACE historical landmark, meaning it has a spot in the history books of coasters across America. It might not be a destination coaster, but you must ride this at least once.


The classic coaster features a typical out and back layout. You’re situated with a seatbelt and lap bar. Unfortunately, there aren’t any really big moments of airtime. You’re only going 40 mph. This is meant for those who like the more family-friendly coaster. Blue Streak is the perfect first big coaster for young kids.

Blue Streak won’t get the acclaim of the other Cedar Point coasters. And despite this being the tallest, fastest and longest coaster at the park (Gemini and Steel Vengeance are both hybrids), the queue times for the ride don’t remain very long. Operations for Blue Streak can be very slow, though.

There aren’t many classic Cedar Point attractions left. Blue Streak is a coaster the park will never get rid of. As mentioned before, this is an ACE historical landmark. Enthusiasts might not talk about it too much, but Blue Streak is important to the history of Cedar Point. Don’t be surprised if this coaster is still going for another 50+ years.

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