Suits: Will Katherine Heigl Be The New Love Interest For Louis Litt Or Harvey?

When Season 8 of Suits begins, there will be a hole left in the cast the size of the Grand Canyon with the departures of Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams. It was announced, according to Variety, that Grey’s Anatomy alum Katherine Heigl will replace Markle as one of the lead women on Suits.

With Heigl set to play Samantha Wheeler, a new partner in Specter Litt, there are a few ways the writers can go with this. One, there will no doubt be some type of power struggle in the firm between her, Harvey, and Louis. This alone will make for great TV but the real scoop will be where the love connection lies.

With Harvey done with Paula and the entire mess involving Donna and the ‘kiss’, Suits fans may finally get to see a macho fight between Harvey and Luis for a woman. While Suits has been known to mix and match, pairing Samantha with Alex may not be the way to go. Nothing personal against his character but it’s time for someone to love Louis for who he is. Don’t get me wrong, Harvey is the King, but he’s had his fair share of hot women, it’s time for Luis to get a little shine.

Needless to say, Louis found a way to mess that up but truth be told, she, nor the situation was right for him. So why not give Louis a chance at redemption with Samantha? With her being a partner, there may be a conflict of interest but wouldn’t that make for better TV?

The same goes for Harvey. Having Harvey chase after Samantha will be good for his ego, plus we will get to see that jealousy side of Donna. Nothing hurts more than to have the person you love in a relationship while everyone works together. It’s been rumored that Katherine Heigl will play a tough-nosed partner, so that means she may be one of the first women on Suits who will not be afraid to go toe-to-toe with Donna.

With Mike and Rachel gone, the show will need a relationship to help round out a storyline. It’s safe to say that Samamtha could bring that element to Season 8.

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