Kings Island: Gravity Is An Experience You Can’t Miss At The Park

You normally won’t associate Kings Island with high-quality entertainment. That narrative needs to change. Gravity, the parks signature show, is one that can’t be missed. In my opinion, this is the best show I’ve seen at any theme/amusement park outside of Disney.

It’s not often a show set in space is a memorable one. Some might call it cheesy and cliche. Gravity doesn’t have this issue. It’s a fresh and original idea that has an easy story to follow. I won’t give any info on the actual plot, but it does involve astronauts and aliens. Are you still interested?

Think of Gravity as a mini version of Cirque De Soleil. There are acrobatics and aerial fests, balancing acts, and much more over the course of the 25 minutes show. There’s a lot crammed into a tiny amount of time. Like Cirque, there’s always something to see on stage.

Gravity might not be as daring as some Vegas shows. There’s not going to be 50 actors on the stage at one time. The whole performance was done with a cast of about 12. This really helped developing a relationship with the characters. Each brought a unique talent to the table.

It’s Time To Check Out Gravity At Kings Island

There’s never a dull moment. The added bonus of well designed character costumes helps the overall show. The highlight being a big green monster, that, while isn’t seen for long, really won over the kids in the audience. And before the show he walks the crowd and interacts with a select few.

It’s hard to compare anything to Disney. In terms of entertainment they are the benchmark. What Kings Island has done with Gravity could make Disney step up their game. You don’t get this kind of quality from regional parks. It’s a simple show that really nailed it.

Some might laugh at the notion of Kings Island putting on something as remarkable as Gravity. It’s not quite on the level of Cirque, but for a park that specializes in coasters, this is a welcome surprise and addition. When visiting Kings Island seeing Gravity is a must. You won’t leave dissapointed.

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