Entertainment: Sylvester Stallone under investigation for sexual assault

Over the last several years, there seem to be many actors being accused of sexual assault. Some of the ones that have been under the investigation light include Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, and Louis CK to name a few. It seems there is now another actor being investigated for sexual assault, Sylvester Stallone.


According to CNN, actor Sylvester Stallone is now the subject of sex crimes. It’s being reported that the LA District Attorney’s office is reviewing claims of a sex crime act against Stallone. This was originally being overseen by the Santa Monica Police Department, but they ended up turning it over in November of 2017. The incident is alleged to have happened in the 1990’s. There are no further details about the alleged incident as of this writing. Late Wednesday night, Stallone’s representatives put out a response to the allegations.

Martin Singer told CNN, “My client categorically denies the allegations.” He would go on by saying, “It’s outrageous that the DA’s office and the PD would announce this information because it makes the public think there’s something there.” According to Stallone’s representative, the woman who first filed the complaint is said to have had a consensual relationship with Stallone in the 1990’s. There’s something however that shouldn’t be left out of the picture. In 2016, the state of California ended the statute of limitations on some sex crimes. However, they would end up revising the law by saying that it applies only to crimes committed after January 1, 2017, and offenses for which the statute of limitations had not expired by that date.

Another part to look at is that the case is being overseen by the task force that investigates possible sex crimes within the entertainment industry. It’s worth noting that this force was just established in late 2017 after there was a rise in these complaints.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out going further.

How do you feel about the abundance of sex assault cases in the entertainment industry? Leave a comment below.

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